• Akeeba restore on bitnami helm chart

    Note-to-self: How to run a Akeeba restore job on the vanilla bitnami Joomla helm chart installation. 

    The plan is to create a directory on the bitnami container with k3s ctr. Copy the Akeeba files to this directory and simply run the Akeeba installer (kickstart). A huge work-a-round for not being able to fix bitnami no-root helm chart. Using k3s CLI tools for copying the Akeeba image and setting the correct access right for the two files. Not an elegant way to go. 

  • bitnami Joomla helm chart

    Install Joomla with bitnami helm chart (with flux). The setup is required to handle different clusters. Therefore, the setup is in two parts: A general part for all clusters and a second part for settings unique for each cluster. Like load balancer IP or storage class.

  • Joomla on K3s

    K3s and Joomla

    Running a Jooma CMS on K3s.

    K3S v1.24.8+k3s1 on Ubuntu 20.04 (AMD64). Disabled servicelb and traefik. Installed metalLB and traefik after initial installation. Using local-path storage class.

    This config cannot scale - replicas: above 1 will not work if you are using more than one node. A ReadWriteOnce volume can only be mounted to a single pod (unless the pods are running on the same node).  Get the files on GitHub (